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“Speak English with La Salle”

“Speak English with La Salle”

This website is intended only for degree-holders from De La Salle Universities.

About US

We are a company that is actively developing cram schools that offer private tutoring in the Kyushu and Shikoku areas.

Having been involved in education since 1979, we have worked hard so that children may receive better educations for their own futures.

Our newest path to realizing that goal is to open English conversation schools throughout Japan, in order to improve the English proficiency of Japanese people. We hope to work with people from the Philippines, the model of ESL learning, to create a wonderful program together.

How about beginning your career in Japan with us?


Listen and Speak:

[Usable] English Education

In the past few decades, it has become common to hear the word “global” in Japan.

However, in actuality only a handful of Japanese people can truly use English, which presents a large problem. In addition to the “reading” and “writing” that has been focused on up until now, we aim for a future in which many children can also use “listening” and “speaking” skills to tackle the world with their own power.

Message from CEO


Greetings everyone, I am Koji Nishinaka, and I have an exciting announcement to make!

You all now have the opportunity to seek employment in Japan via this portal site. We are initially seeking English teachers.

It is essential to improve the English proficiency of Japanese people in order for our companies to survive in the competitive international market, in addition to meeting the expectations of being an international tourist destination country.

Our head office is located in Kagoshima, which has deep connections to La Salle, and we have enjoyed various exchanges so far.

Our goal now is to work in cooperation with the La Salle Group in the Philippines to provide wonderful English education programs for Japanese people.

I also hope that through this opportunity, you will be able to experience and understand Japanese culture and create deep friendships.

I look forward to seeing you in Japan!


Academia Group

Company Overview







Plaza N

11-story multi-purpose building



café restaurant


Chie no Kinomi



Myoban no Yu

Natural Onsen
Hot Spring

*Linked website in Japanese only

Company Name

Academy Gakuin Ltd.

Head Office

1-4-8 Take, Kagoshima City, Japan

Date of Establishment

July 1979


49 million yen

Number of Employees


Principal Business

Operation of cram schools

President and CEO

Koji Nishinaka

Phone number

+81 99 285 3333

Net Sales

20 billion yen


Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Okinawa , Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi

Major Banks

Kagoshima Bank

Affiliated Companies

Nichinoken Kyushu Co., Ltd., Touraine Co., Ltd.

Our Network



  • Fukuoka-Yakuin

  • Fukuoka-Nishijin

  • Fukuoka-Chihaya

  • Fukuoka-Kurume

  • Fukuoka-Kokura

  • Oita

  • Nagasaki

  • Kumamoto

  • Miyazaki

  • Kagoshima

  • Kagoshima-Taniyama


  • Ehime-Matsuyama

  • Kagawa-Takamatsu

  • Kochi

  • Tokushima


  • Naha

  • Chubu

  • Tomishiro


​Training Center

Academia Group

​About our Training Center

Academia Group will create a brand-new training center for this project, and will be well-prepared to welcome staff from the Philippines. (Scheduled to open September 2019)

In addition to job training for lessons, we will also provide advice and support for adjusting to living in Japan.


  1. Private individual rooms, fully furnished with everything required for daily life.

  2. A self-service café in the shared space area that can also be used as a place to meet colleagues and friends.

  3. Resident manager and thorough security.


Training Schedule

Week 1
Facility tour, class observation, confirmation of teaching materials, basic knowledge (*1), lifestyle (*2), daily conversation (*3)

Week 2

Confirmation of teaching materials, class simulations, lifestyle, daily conversation, Japanese culture experience (*4)

Week 3
Class simulations, lifestyle, daily conversation, Japanese culture experience

Week 4
Class simulations, confirmation of training results

*1) Basic information about Japan (geography, ethnicity, economy, language, education, national characteristics, climate, etc.)

*2) Food, hygiene, shopping, garbage disposal, transportation, banking, etc.

*3) Basic Japanese words and greetings

*4) Unique Japanese cultural experiences such as tea ceremony or flower arrangement

Message from a colleague

My name is Koshiro Kawabe, and I teach mathematics and science at the Kagoshima School. My classes are not just teaching; I try to develop lessons where the children become the subjects and can learn happily. Let’s chase after the children’s dreams together!

Let’s help children realize their dreams!


Contact US

Academy Gakuin Ltd.

1-4-8 Take, Kagoshima, Japan 890-0045

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